Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday is One-Class Day

I've only got one class on Wednesday. It's finite maths and it starts at two. I woke up at ten.

I checked my phone and saw that I had a text from Hannah asking if I could take her to Sunway. I said I could. I drove her and Jan to Sunway at around twelve thirty, and got home in time to go on the computer for a little bit before I had to leave for class.

I arrived in HELP at exactly two o'clock. The lecturer was late, so I made conversation with the people behind me. They're all nice people. They are in their first semester and probably my age. That's nice.

The lecturer arrived and taught the class about linear equations and slopes. I had learned all this before. The class seemed to go by really slowly. The lecturer's style is nice, though. He talks like a grandfather or pastor or something, and he makes things very clear. Still, I was very glad when class ended because it was extremely boring.

Once class was over I had two things to do before going to pick up Jan and Hannah. First, I had to withdraw some money, and then I had to buy the Psychology textbook and the Finite Mathematics notes and tutorials for the semester. On my way across the hall, I noticed that Amanda was crying and Joanna was comforting her. I asked Carmeni why Amanda was so sad, but Carmeni didn't know. I had a hunch, though.

After I got my money from the ATM, I went over to Secret Recipe to pick up a piece of cake to cheer Amanda up. I don't think I could be too sad if I was given free chocolate cake, and so far I think this is also true of everyone.

I got the Finite Maths notes on my way down. When I got to where Carmeni and Amanda and everyone was earlier, there was no-one there. I texted Joanna to ask where Amanda had gone, and found that she was already in class. I waited outside and passed the cake to one of the latecomers to give to Amanda. She texted her thanks as I was buying my Psychology textbook.

When I was buying my Psych textbook, I overheard a girl asking about the CTS textbook. I asked her if she had bought her Advanced English textbook yet and when she said she hadn't, I offered to sell her mine. She bought it for half price, so I got fifteen ringgit. That was nice.

After that I rode home, swapped my motorcycle keys for the ones to Ian's car, and drove to pick up my siblings. Stefanie came home with them, too.

Back at home we got changed and went swimming and lazed around by the pool. I went on the computer and took a nap and drove Hannah and Stefanie to 7-Eleven, and while they got slurpees I had some fries. The fries were delicious.

I haven't done much since then. I did talk to Amanda on Facebook, though. She thanked me for the cake and confirmed my hunch about why she was crying. But yeah, aside from that there isn't much else to talk about. I hope Amanda feels better tomorrow.

Oh yeah, also, I think my gut is looking less flabby. It's hard to tell since there wasn't much there to begin with, but I'm going to go ahead and say these sit-ups are working.

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