Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Early Classes and Unexpected Buffets

My Tuesdays start at eight, so I had to be up pretty early in order to make it to class on time. Before leaving I had a big bowl of chocolate cereal, which was nice.

I was a wee bit late, but that didn't really matter because the lecture started a wee bit late. I fell asleep a few times in class, but that didn't really matter, either.

During the break I went straight to the DSA to nap. I woke up an hour before my next class, and then went back to sleep for the next half hour. After that I went over to help Amanda with her statistics homework. Elo and Arun were playing the penis game from (500) Days of Summer a couple benches over. That was ballsy of them.

When I arrived at the lab, it was empty. I was about to call one of my classmates to check if there was actually a class being held, but then Mr Naj arrived. Anyway class was okay; we did some experiments with springs. It was kinda fun.

Once we had all the data and sorted out our graph, I left class and went back to the main block. I mentioned to my friends how hungry I was and how unfortunate it was that I couldn't go to McDonald's because of how little time there was left before class, and then someone pointed out that the marketing students were selling food, so I went over to them. They were indeed selling food. Because they were closing shop soon, they had a special offer of RM5 for an unlimited amount of food. I paid and ate a lot of nuggets and sausages. I also got a free cup of Pepsi. When I was done with the mini-buffet I bought some corn-in-a-cup from the table over and went to class.

Psychology was nice. We learned about perception and optical illusions and such. The class ended half an hour early, so that was nice, too.

Back at home I took a long nap. Later on I realized I did not have any more pages of Psychology to read, so that was nice. I did a hundred sit-ups and a hundred push-ups. Apparently sit-ups are bad for the spine, so I'm going to switch to bicycle crunches once I figure out how those are done.

I had pineapples and chocolate ice cream for dessert, but not together. A long time ago when my age was still a single digit, I ate a lot of pineapple. When I was done I couldn't taste anything for a long while because all the sourness had killed my sense of taste. Ever since then my mouth gets all warm whenever I see or think of pineapples. It's odd.

I'm going to drive Hannah around a lot tomorrow because she and her friends are doing stuff.

In a completely separate topic, it seems that every time I come home and get comfortable by taking out my contact lenses and changing into shorts, someone wants me to drive them somewhere. This seems to happen especially often if I hesitate before taking out my contacts because I'm not sure whether I will be going out later or not. Anyway after I find out that I've got to go drive about I have to put in my lenses and change again or else go out looking like an idiot. A comfortable idiot, but still.

Bleh. I hope dinner is tasty tomorrow.

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