Friday, January 22, 2010

A Hit of the Boom

I ate a lot today. I had chips, McDonald's, ice cream, and fries.

I ate the chips during Psychology class. They were sour cream and onion flavoured Cottage Fries and they were merely okay. They cost three ringgit per pack, though, so I'm not buying them again. Roller Coasters are better.

I had McDonald's for lunch. The twister fries were kinda stale. After that I read a bit of Guns, Germs, and Steel, and then I took a short nap.

When I woke up I washed my face with water from the coldest water fountain on campus, and then I went to Finite Maths class. I didn't fall asleep. Instead, I read more Guns, Germs, and Steel. The lecturer didn't seem to mind. Very soon we'll be covering things I don't know, so I'd better start paying attention in class.

Right when class ended I got a text that said Physics was cancelled because of the rain. Mr Naj couldn't make it on his motorcycle, apparently. I decided to brave the rain, and I got more soaked than I ever have before when riding.

I took a warm shower as soon as I got back, and then I changed into something comfortable and went online for a bit. Hannah and Yii Huei wanted to go to Petaling Street and I agreed to take them, so after a while Yii Huei came to tell me that we could go. I got ready, but Hannah was still faffing about on the computer. When we finally got her to get ready to go, we found that there weren't any cars available, so I took a nap while I waited for someone to come home.

Papa came home, so we took his car. First I had to put some petrol in it, and then I got a bit lost on my way to Petaling Street, but we made it there. We parked in an underground car park that Hannah found pretty scary. It stank, but the prices were reasonable.

Hannah and Yii Huei picked up some Ray Bans for ten ringgit each, and I bought a laser pointer for RM12. The original price was RM15, but the guy decided to give me a "special price" of RM13. When I asked for RM12.50, he told me not to worry about the fifty cents. That was nice. He also told me that the laser pointer also had a "boom". I wasn't sure what that "boom" was, but I was hoping it wasn't something to do with drugs, since a few of the other stalls had been selling bongs.

Hannah tried playing with the laser and she shocked herself. Turns out the other button delivers a little electric shock with amusing results. Anyway, we stopped at a McDonald's for some ice creams, and then we went home.

At home we asked Aunty Rosie to cook some of the twister fries that Papa had bought earlier. The girls wanted to go swimming, so I left my laser pointer with Jan and joined them.

Nothing much happened at the pool. Yii Huei and I wanted to go to the sauna, but Hannah was firmly against that idea for some reason, so we just hung around the pool and did nothing.

Jan told us when we got back that he had played with the laser in his curiosity and zapped himself, just like I knew he would. We also gave it to Papa to try, and the girls found his reaction very entertaining. We also got to have the fries that Aunty Rosie had made. They were delicious.

I then went on the computer. When Ian came home, I let him fiddle with the laser, and he, too, was shocked. It was funny.

I'm going to bring it to college.

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