Friday, January 1, 2010

End of the First Decade of the Twenty-First Century

The last day of the first decade of this century was great.

After waking up at around eleven and spending some time on the computer, I drove to drop Hannah, Jan, and Yii Huei off at Mid Valley so they could watch a movie or something. When I came home I picked up Ian and we went to TMC to pick up party supplies. My dad had agreed to subsidize us RM100 for the party, which meant that we only had to pay RM20 each of the RM140 purchase. We got everything: Chickens, mincemeat, sausages, buns, too much chips, M&Ms, and BBQ sauce (We were actually supposed to buy black pepper sauce but they both start with B so I got confused). Jan was supposed to get the drinks, and he did.

We got back, unloaded the stuff, and Aunty Rosie marinaded everything while Ian got the burgers ready. I think Aron was hanging around at our place for a while after dropping Stef and Ruben off. Anyway, I faffed about on the computer until it was time to pick Timothy up. I asked Hannah if she wanted to come along, and she said yes. She thought I was going to pick Stefanie up, so we ended up going to Mid Valley three times before we managed to pick up Stef and Yii Huei. Hannah actually mistook these two Indian ladies for her friends because they were wearing the same colours. Silly girl. Once we had the girls, I used my memory of the route I'd seen on Google Earth when I'd entered Tim's address, and we found his street with relative ease. I couldn't find his house, but I called him to come outside and Stefanie pointed him out, so that went well.

When we got back it was past seven and time to start the party. I poured out bowls of chips and M&Ms. The corn chips were really popular, as were the M&Ms. The Chipster chips weren't. They also got kinda soft after a while in the air. Next party there will be more candy and more corn chips.

Jared Locke came over, as did Joel and Hanan. We karaoked for a bit, and at nine I unplugged the karaoke and handed it to mum and pa to take to their party. After karaoke it was time for Twister. Amanda arrived while we were playing Twister, I think. I gave her a tour of the house and then she sat down to chat with my dad while the Twister games went on. Stef and Jan were the big winners, I think. While Amanda was on the couch, Faith wandered out of wherever he was sleeping. She said he was the biggest cat she's ever seen, and she was pretty scared of him. I thought that was funny.

Ian went out with Jared to get stuff for a drinking game, and Amanda and I went to look at the view while waiting for Davinia. Amanda said she couldn't believe I didn't have a girlfriend, because my building was a great place for "berdating". I told her that I'd help her boyfriend and her get access to the roof any time they wanted, but they'd have to clean the dead pigeons off first. Avian carcasses are not very conducive to romance.

When Davinia arrived I showed her the view and we took some pictures, and then we went down to the playground. We met Hannah, Yii Huei, and Stefanie downstairs since they had just finished their swim or something. Amanda, Davinia, and I took turns on the swings, but a guard chased us and the other people there out because it was 11pm, so I showed them the sauna instead. Amanda and I also went and climbed a tree I hadn't climbed in years. We then took a walk around half of the compound. Amanda literally screamed when she saw one of my neighbours' cats, because it is something like twice the size of Faith.

We went back upstairs after the walk and waited for the countdown. I tried to cook some stuff in the meantime, but I can't barbecue anything except steak, so I kinda ruined the burgers. The first round of the drinking game was over, so the guys came out. Amanda helped Jared recall the camp where they had met before. She had recognized him earlier but he couldn't remember her because she had managed to get in much better shape since then. It was a cool coincidence that they knew each other from before.

Our countdown to midnight was a little early, but we stopped caring once the fireworks started. The Dataran Merdeka show was the most impressive, but there were other displays going on all over the city. We could see at least two dozen, I think, but the biggest were at KLCC, Menara KL, Dataran Merdeka, and Mid Valley. By the end of it we couldn't even see the Twin Towers because they were obscured by smoke. After everyone else was done, Mid Valley finished their show. At 12:30 they did a few more, and since they were the only ones still shooting off, all eyes were on them. Clever.

After midnight we were thirsty, so Amanda, Davinia, and I took my brother's car to get some drinks. When we got in the car we spontaneously decided to go to HELP so that we could be the first students there in 2010. I parked in the CEO spot and we took pictures. It was fun. After HELP, we tried to get to a 7-Eleven, but the police had blocked off Telawi so we had to take a long route around to find a place to park and walked to the 7-Eleven instead. During the drive, Amanda had the window rolled down and was yelling new year's greetings to anyone nearby. Unfortunately, when we got to the 7-Eleven the slurpee machine was off, so Davinia and Amanda didn't get anything to drink. Instead, I bought root beer, a Pepsi, and some ice cream. The Pepsi was my first drink of 2010, I think.

When we got back home we found out that Jan and Joel had lost the drinking game and were both very drunk. Also, Sarah had arrived, so I said hi to her. I went with Amanda to see if the roof was open, and it was, so I got the rest of the guys and we climbed to the top. It was awesome.

When I climbed down I watched Jan's hilarious drunken antics for a bit, and then I walked Amanda and Davinia to their cars. I had a great time with them; I'm gonna try and hang out with those two more next semester.

Back at home I helped Hannah clean up the house while Ruben took care of a very drunk Jan. Jan had done the following: thrown up, accidentally dropped and broke our only purple McDonald's glass, stumbled around, requested water, received water by saying "I like water!" and then sipping a mouthful or so while spilling the rest all over his face and the floor, told me I was annoying, told Ian he was fat, questioned who Sarah was, spent an entire shower insisting he was not drunk, questioning later why he had gotten drunk, insisted immediately afterwards that he wasn't drunk, and begged Ruben to stay with him while he fell asleep. All-in-all, very entertaining.

After the night wound down we still had a few people sleeping over. Also, Mama and Papa came home, and Hannah and I told them all about the night and what Jan had done. They weren't upset at all. I think it's because we did a real good job cleaning up. We asked them how their night went, and they said it was good. Probably not as good as ours though, and they had left the karaoke behind. Oh well.

Anyway now morning is only a few hours away. I'm waking up at eleven so I can do my morning routine in time to watch the ball drop in New York on CNN. Should be fun.

Oh yeah, also, sometime after midnight Amanda, Davinia, and I decided to give the New Year's Greetings to our friends. In our first attempt to Carmeni, I sent "Happy" from my phone, Amanda sent "2010" from her phone, I sent "2010" from Davinia's phone before I heard Amanda had already sent that, so then Davinia sent "Carmeni". We didn't get a reply, so we tried again by sending "Happy" "2010" "Joanna!" to Joanna, but Jo only received the first two messages. She got Davinia's "Joanna" around an hour later. Also, I sent Athirah a few New Year's texts, too. I text her a lot.

Anyway, 2010 is here! So far it's been awesome! Hopefully it will stay this way.

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