Friday, January 8, 2010

A Title Isn't Coming to Me; so This Will Have to Do

Jan woke me up at one forty-five by playing obnoxious music from his speakers. I never wake him up when he's sleeping through the afternoon, but then again Jan is a dick so this is expected behaviour from him.

Anyway, Hannah wanted me to drive Stefanie and her somewhere later, so I said I would. I got changed into my going-out clothes (a coloured shirt plus trousers and socks, basically) and waited for her to say when. She told me later that Stefanie had changed her mind and so I might not be driving. When I heard this I went to my room, took off my socks, and faffed about on the computer.

When I was on Google Reader checking up on people's blogs, I read Joanna's post about a firebombing or something. Anyway her post was really misinformed, so I corrected her in her chatbox and went on to Facebook to add in a few more paragraphs for good measure. Later on I tried to get on Facebook but it said that the site was undergoing temporary maintenance even though Jan and Ian could get in fine, so I guessed that they had just temporarily banned me or something. I got in fine later, though.

But yeah, someone threw a molotov cocktail into a church. Apparently whoever did it was upset over the ruling that allowed Catholics to say Allah. My mum got a text saying people were rioting, but that turned out to be a bullshit rumour. Ian got, like, seven calls asking whether we could see the riots from our balcony. All we could see was a light drizzle and a heavy traffic jam.

Anyway Stefanie decided that she did actually want to go out, so we went. Audrey was there, too. Apparently Hannah and Stef had changed their minds about Central Market and so we were going to Bangsar Village instead to find Stef's water bottle. I read the first few chapters of The Lost Symbol while they went searching. They didn't find anything, but the book was an entertaining read. I think I'll get my dad to get it when the paperback version is released in Malaysia.

After failing to find Stefanie's bottle we drove home where my dad gave me RM100 to pay for my books and some petrol for the car. After refilling the car, I dropped Hannah, Stef, and Audrey off at Bangsar Village to take pictures of the sunset, and then I lent Stef fifty bucks so she could mail a couple of packages to North America.

Once I was done driving about I read my 42 Psychology textbook pages. That took a while.

My plans for today were to go to Christian Fellowship and watch a movie on my computer. I didn't do the former because I woke up way too late, and I didn't do the latter because I forgot.

Also today I read some of The Host, which is a Stephanie Meyer book that Stef was reading. It did not suck as much as I was hoping it would. I think I may have enjoyed it a bit. Man, I really hope that Dan Brown cancels out Stephanie Meyer or something.

Also also, today was the last time that I'll be seeing Stefanie and Ruben for a long time. Their mum came by to pick them up an few hours ago (she also repaid the money that her daughter owed me), and they're going back to Indonesia on Sunday. Yii Huei already left to Hong Kong a while back to continue her vacation, so now Hannah's best friend is Ebony again. I have less people to drive around, which is a pity because I enjoy driving. Ebony's staying over with Hannah tonight. I hope they want to go somewhere tomorrow, because I don't have any plans and a drive would be nice.

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