Sunday, January 24, 2010

Zaps and Naps

I woke up on the couch yesterday because that was where I had fallen asleep. I wasn't woken by my alarm as usual, though. I somehow woke up on my own around four minutes before my alarm was supposed to ring. I took a shower and went over to college. There were replacement classes at HELP because February 1st is a holiday. I brought the laser pointer that I bought at Petaling Street along.

Psychology was okay. Joanna and Denise weren't around, so I asked Carmeni if she wanted to play with the laser, but she had read my blog and knew what it was. Anyway, we learned about sleep and dreams. Appropriately enough, I kinda dozed off a bit during the class.

When class finished I met up with a bunch of my friends, and all of them except Carmeni zapped themselves with the laser pointer. That was funny. We went to Ali Maju's for breakfast and were joined by a few more people, who also all ended up zapping themselves. After breakfast, Amanda needed to break RM100, so I let her buy me some chips at Giant while I paid for her breakfast so that the cashier at Ali Maju's wouldn't get annoyed.

After I had my chips I went back to the hall. I joined a game of hide-and-seek, but we only managed to play one round before the class was claimed for a lecture. Instead, we sat around pointing the laser at people who would come over and ask to play with it, and then we would laugh as they zapped themselves. Arun was the guy who was provoking people to get zapped most of the time. He was pretty good at it. Anyway, this went on for an hour or so. It was very funny. There were a few people who could stand the shock, and even one guy who didn't even feel it, but for the most part the reactions were pretty hilarious, and because the voltage was so minor, everyone was good-natured about it afterwards. We even managed to shock a lecturer.

Eventually the hall got pretty empty, so I took a nap. When I woke up I got a few more people to zap themselves, and then I went over to my Physics class.

I got all my classmates except one to shock themselves, and I got Mr Naj to shock himself, too. Class was okay. I ate my chips while working on problems about spring constants and waves. I finished half an hour early and went home.

At home I watched Religulous and Up in the Air on Ian's computer. They was pretty good; pretty funny. I also took a lot of naps. I did my exercises while watching Time Warp with Jan. I went to bed without blogging because I was pretty tired.

Today I didn't do much. We went to church and my dad tried to get us to fix the internet connection to Hannah's room, but we didn't get far with that. We did make some progress, but ultimately it's still broken. I took a lot of naps.

Apparently Hannah thinks I'm going to get her a Seventeen subscription for her birthday. It's something like seventy ringgit. I wish she was just content with chocolate and jelly beans, like last year. Dang.

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