Thursday, January 21, 2010

So Dinner Was Pretty Tasty

I woke up and then I fell asleep again and then when I woke up again I was told that I had to pick up Hannah and Yii Huei in half an hour.

Google Earth helped me a bit, but mostly I relied on Hannah's directions to get me to where I needed to go. After I picked the girls up I took them over to Sunway, then I came back home to get my motorcycle and I went straight to college from there.

Finite Mathematics was okay. I fell asleep in class again. We were given a quick break, so I used it to wash my face to keep me a bit more alert. It worked. I survived the rest of the class awake.

When class was over I withdrew some money and bought some fries, then I came home, swapped my keys again, and went off to pick up Hannah and Yii Huei.

When we got home I heated up some carbonara and ate it. It was pretty yummy. I then went on the computer for a while, or perhaps I took a nap. Maybe I did both. My dad woke me up to talk about parking, and then we went for a drive because he didn't want me napping some more. We picked up some frozen potato products and a Kit-Kat bar while we were out.

I think I'll eat lunch at McDonald's tomorrow.

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